Exploring the Association Between Body Fat, Diet Quality, Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome Among Aboriginal People in Taiwan (78860)

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Tuesday, 26 March 2024 15:30
Session: Poster Session 2
Room: Orion Hall (5F)
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Aboriginal who consume poor quality diet (high-fat/high-sugar/low-fiber) for long time may develop health problems, which may easily increase the risk of cardiovascular disease (CV) and cause death.
To evaluate the association between different dietary qualities on BMI, body fat and five indicators of MetS (abdominal obesity, hyperglycemia, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and reduced HDL-cholesterol) in aboriginal.
This study used a systematic review of the associations between different dietary qualities in observational Studies. Follow PRISMA guidelines. Search databases such as PubMed, EBSCOhost, and Google Scholar for literature related to aboriginal MetS, up to December 2023, and the JBI checklists were used to assess the methodological quality.
From 228 search records, 5 studies (one cohort study and four cross-sectional studies) were screened out that met the inclusion criteria and were of acceptable quality, including: 2 studies on diabetes risk, 1 study on chronic diseases/obesity prevalence studies, 1 article on CV risk and 1 article on MetS. Five studies have indicated that poor dietary quality (high-fat/high-sugar/low-fiber) increases the risk of obesity, hyperglycemia, hypertension, and dyslipidemia.
According to our review, poor dietary quality (high-fat/high-sugar/low-fiber) may increase the risk of MetS and CV disease in aboriginal, but more research evidence is needed to support the impact of different dietary qualities on MetS.

Yu-Min Wang, China Medical University, Taiwan
Yi-Chen Huang, China Medical University, Taiwan
Shih-Yi Chang, Won-ri Lee General Hospital, Taiwan
Pei-Yu Wu, China Medical University, Taiwan

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Ms. Wang Yu-Min is currently a graduate student in the second year of the master's program in the Department of Nutrition at China Medical University in Taiwan. My topic area of ​​research: exploring the correlation between body fat, diet quality, ob

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