Defining and Measuring Resilience in an Aging World

Much research and policy develop seeks to address the challenge of an “Aging World”. This is a misplaced concern as we are already living in an “Older World” where the population fifty-five and older has been playing an increasing role in the structures and behaviors of world populations for decades. This presentation focuses on how elders are showing increased resilience in the face of the physical, emotional and economic changes that are part of growing older and aging successfully. The presentation will review new findings and research that emphasizes the manner in which elders are adapting to living longer and how we are seeing a healthier and more successful cohort of older individuals. The presentation will look at issues such as aging in place, innovative treatments for chronic conditions and the problems associated with life extension as a goal as opposed to increased quality of life. The presentation will seek to summarize many of the themes and approaches offered as part of the AGEN19 meetings and make suggestions for new lines of inquiry.

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