Easts Meets West – Healthy, Active and Beautiful Aging in Asia

Featured Panel Chairs: Dr James W. McNally & Professor Hiroshi Ishida

How any society deals with aging can be a contentious issue, one on which questions of culture, convenience and even expedience are brought to bear. Economic prosperity and peace in developed countries has lead to unprecedented levels of healthcare provision for a population that, as a result, is living far longer. Coupled with falling birthrates, Western Europe and Japan are witnessing demographic changes that bring unparalleled challenges but also unexpected opportunities for aging populations, as innovations and discoveries help people lead active and healthy lives.

This panel will provide an overview of the demographic situation in different countries and cultures in Asia and beyond to compare and contrast outlooks for the aged. It will also examine the concepts of healthy, active and beautiful aging.

*A complementary panel will be held on the same theme at the European Conference Series 2017 in Brighton, UK.

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