Matthew H.S. Ng


Ng Hok Shan Matthew has a Bachelor’s in Psychology from the Singapore Management University and currently supports both the Tan Tock Seng Hospital and the Rehabilitation Research Institute of Singapore as a Research Coordinator. His research interests lie in emotion regulation and how it relates to psychopathology. Specifically, he seeks to explore how emotional processes adapt or become maladaptive in the presence of stimuli (e.g. stressors, childhood adversity) and how this could protect or predispose one to psychopathology. He is also keen in examining how individual differences (e.g. culture) might influence this relationship.

Matthew is part of a trio, including Verity Lua and Nadyanna Majeed, who clinched first place at the ICPSR research paper competitions (Undergraduate) in 2021 for their project titled: "Is Trait Self-Esteem a Resilience Factor Against Daily Stressors? A Multilevel Analysis". He aspires to continue his graduate training in the United States, specifically in the field of Clinical Psychology.

Spotlight Presentation (2023) | Does Trait Self-esteem Serve as a Protective Factor in Maintaining Daily Affective Well-being? Multilevel Analyses of Daily Diary Studies in the US and Singapore

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