Missing You: Resilience, Renewal and Rebuilding Intergenerational Contact Within Families

The year 2020 was a time of resilience, with widespread separation and the suspension of family contact and intergenerational support. Following this was a time of rebuilding and renewal as vaccines for the COVID-19 virus slowly became more available, and as a result, the re-emergence of intergenerational visits and the re-initiation of suspended contacts. As we enter 2022, we begin to create a “new normal” that will allow for the safe return of intergenerational support, visiting, and sharing. While many problems remain, concern for our elders is creating new ways to interact while reducing the risk of infection. Families are reuniting and finding ways to support and share experiences in a post-pandemic world. This plenary session will share the stories of three researchers and their experiences in attempting to maintain and re-establish physical and emotional contact with elders isolated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Their stories express the shared concern, fear, and hope that we all experienced when cut off from our families during the pandemic.

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