The Magic of Colour: How Palette Choice Affects the Initial Trust Towards News Web-Interfaces (78678)

Session Information: Psychology, Mental Health & Behavioral Science
Session Chair: Maya Kagan

Friday, 29 March 2024 11:40
Session: Session 2
Room: Room E (Live Stream)
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In the realm of online user interaction with web interfaces, trust is paramount. Our research focused on the pivotal role of color schemes within news web interfaces and their correlation with the propagation of misinformation in modern media. We explored the influence of color schemes on users' initial trust levels, particularly focusing on monochromatic schemes, including a binary black-and-white scheme, and variations in color saturation. Results revealed significant differences in trust ratings for various color schemes (p <.001), with substantial effect size (η2 = 0.569). Higher trust ratings were observed for the black-and-white (mean = 3.888), green (mean = 3.724), and grey (mean = 3.625) schemes. Conversely, red (mean = 2.895), yellow (mean = 3.124), and blue (mean = 3.188) schemes yielded lower ratings. Notably, interfaces with less saturated background colors were generally associated with increased trust (p = .036). Furthermore, we examined the role of pre-existing beliefs on interface trust. Interestingly, these beliefs only significantly affected trust assessments when interfaces received high ratings (p = .001), emphasizing the cognitive aspect of overall assessments.These results underscore the significance of color as a perceptual attribute in news interfaces and its impact on initial user trust. Moreover, the study highlights the interplay between emotional perception, influenced by color schemes, and cognitive aspects, represented by pre-existing beliefs, in shaping users' judgments of interface trustworthiness.

Ekaterina Kosova, Higher School of Economics, Russia

About the Presenter(s)
Ms Ekaterina Kosova is a University Postgraduate Student at Higher School of Economics in Russia

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