Cultivating a Research-Fostering Culture in Higher Education Institutions: The Importance and Best Practices of Quality Assurance (77875)

Session Information: Higher Education
Session Chair: Obie Noe Madalang

Friday, 29 March 2024 14:30
Session: Session 4
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Higher education institutions play a crucial role in promoting research and fostering innovation. By cultivating an institutional culture that prioritizes research, these institutions can make significant contributions to the progress and advancement of nations and societies.

This research adopts qualitative research methods that include literature review, document analysis, and best practices benchmarking. It draws extensively on research and policy literature on institutional culture and research quality assurance, as well as international best practices of higher education institutions.

This paper explores the essential components of an institutional culture that promotes research and identifies the mechanisms and conditions required for establishing a research-friendly institutional culture in higher education institutions. It highlights the important role of quality assurance frameworks and practices in promoting research excellence and innovation in higher education institutions. Through examining the challenges encountered by higher education institutions and the strategies and initiatives successfully implemented by leading universities in the world, it is revealed that to cultivate a research-fostering institutional culture, higher education institutions should establish and implement a set of policies and mechanisms at different levels, including establishing clear goals for research, implementing quality assurance mechanisms, providing professional development opportunities, fostering mentorship, promoting a supportive environment, investing in infrastructure, and collaborating with industry, government agencies, and other research institutions.

The policy and action-oriented findings of this research could inform and benefit policymakers, institutional managers, and other stakeholders in higher education regarding effective practices for cultivating an institutional culture that fosters research.

Karima Almazroui, Mohamed bin Zayed University for Humanities, United Arab Emirates
Malika Shatnawi, Mohamed bin Zayed University for Humanities, United Arab Emirates

About the Presenter(s)
Dr Karima Almazroui is a University Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer at Mohamed bin Zayed University for Humanities in United Arab Emirates

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