The Effect of Psychological Needs on Online Conformity (78170)

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Tuesday, 26 March 2024 15:30
Session: Poster Session 2
Room: Orion Hall (5F)
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Since the seminal studies of Asch (1951), conformity has been studied extensively and several factors have been identified as influencing susceptibility to conformity. This study examines the effects of need for uniqueness (NFU) and need to belong (NTB) on conformity. We expect that NTB will enhance conformity, whereas NFU will inhibit it. We used an online procedure (a chat) to measure participants' conformity in response to a series of moral dilemmas (7 critical and 3 filler).
We measured psychological needs (NFU and NTB) one week before the main experiment. Then participants (N= 149, 132 females) responded to the dilemmas either in the presence of 4 (fake) other respondents who responded in a counter-normative way (experimental condition) or without the presence of such other respondents (control group). The results indicated that participants in the experimental group gave counter-normative answers to the seven critical dilemmas more frequently (96%) than those in the control group (86%, Χ² (1) = 4.67, p = .031). A multiple regression model reveals the expected negative effect of NFU on conformity (R ² = .270, F(1, 145) = 4.54, p = .035), while no significant effect was observed for NTB. These results replicate and extend Asch's classic findings on conformity, showing that individuals tend to conform to the majority in an online environment. They also highlight the role of the need for uniqueness in resisting majority pressure. The limitations and implications of the study are discussed.

Carla Capuano, Paris Nanterre Université, France
Peggy Chekroun, Paris Nanterre University, France

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I'm currently in my third year of a PhD and my research is focusing at the normativity of conformity and the role of two psychological needs in susceptibility to conformity (need to belong and need for uniqueness)

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