The Calculation of Seismic Energies in Structures, an Alternative for Contextualized Learning of Numerical Integration (78349)

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Friday, 29 March 2024 12:05
Session: Session 2
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Developing mathematical themes within a context that is quotidian for the student not only promotes a genuine interest in the topic and helps generate significant learning in students; but also, exemplifies a practical utility of math. The use of mathematical models that describe physical phenomena allow students to link math with real-life phenomena. In this work, the differential equation that describes a model of bilinear oscillation with one degree of liberty was selected to estimate the structural displacements from seismic accelerations. The energies that are produced during an earthquake can be obtained by integrating this model. This integration is numeric due to the nature of the displacement signals, speed, and registered accelerations. The region where this activity was carried out is a region of high seismic activity. Taking advantage of this context, within the class of numeric methods, the calculation of seismic energies was set out by means of diverse methods of numerical integration and conducting a comparison within the methods. Historical accelerations registers were used, and different models were proposed varying their structural parameters, as well as their duration and discretization in the time. While developing this activity, it was possible to contextualize the use and solution of the numerical integration in real-life and quotidian application that students of the region live and are able to relate these tools with the theory seismic energy, reason why they are considered an alternative to develop in the classroom to contextualize the teaching of these themes in seismic regions.

Vladimir Cortés, La Salle Oaxaca University, Mexico
Christian Vicente, La Salle Oaxaca University, Mexico

About the Presenter(s)
Vladimir Cortés Lerín is currently a full professor of mathematics and electricity subjects at Universidad La Salle Oaxaca in Oaxaca, Mexico.

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