Mental Health Practitioners’ Perspectives and Experiences of Helping Malaysian Male Adults who Experienced Sexual Harassment (78683)

Session Information: Psychology and Family Dynamics
Session Chair: Joo Hou Ng

Friday, 29 March 2024 13:30
Session: Session 3
Room: Room D (Live Stream)
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Sexual harassment is a prevalent social issue amongst our population. While studies on female victims of sexual harassment are widely available and accessible, the same can’t be said for its male counterpart. The study aims to bridge the gap in literature and to give a voice to the minority for future discourse and support through examining mental health practitioners' perspectives and lived experiences of helping Malaysian male adults who experienced sexual harassment. This study utilised a descriptive qualitative research design through a constructivism approach to comprehend the interviewees’ perspective (n = 6) on the subject matter. Results indicates the need to establish a conducive therapeutic relationship with their clients, to plan and devise therapeutic pathway for their sessions with their clients, the unexpected nature of the disclosure of the sexual harassment experience and learning through the journey with their clients. Meanwhile, the sub-themes constructed from this study involves cultivating a safe space, respecting the client’s uniqueness in their experience, introspection for better empathy, structurally planning for their sessions, the lack of experience in the subject matter, challenges faced when exploring the survivor’s experiences, evolving perspectives towards their clients’ experiences, and attempting to remain impartial in the session. Overall, the study hopes to shed some light on the discourse for future focus on research and discussions amongst researchers and the population alike, highlighting the importance of training in this specific modality.

Joo Hou Ng, International Medical University, Malaysia
Muhammad Amir Azim Bin Zurin Adnan, International Medical University, Malaysia
Suet Choon Ng, International Medical University, Malaysia

About the Presenter(s)
Dr Joo Hou Ng is a University Assistant Professor/Lecturer at International Medical University in Malaysia

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