Counseling and Coaching: Exploring the Core Similarities in Concepts, Behaviors, and Techniques (78746)

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The integration of counseling principles into the professional coaching practice has increasingly garnered attention within the academic community. This presentation delves into the intersection between counseling and coaching, drawing upon a case study article from Gerwe et al. (2017) highlighting the evolution and impact of a counselor-based coaching program for physician residents. The National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) underscores the parallels between these two professions' educational and preparatory aspects (Labardee, Williams, & Hodges, 2012). This perspective is further supported by research indicating the efficacy of counseling skills and theories in enhancing the leadership and interpersonal growth of resident physicians (Gazelle, Liebschutz, & Riess, 2015). The focus of this analysis is to scrutinize the overlap in competencies, identifying the core similarities in concepts, behaviors, and techniques that unite counseling and coaching. Despite their differences in focal points, style, and timeframe, both fields share a fundamental set of skills. Counselors possess expertise in rapport building, recognizing developmental progression, assessment, psychoeducation, cognitive reframing, and solution-focused interventions. All of which are skills that are seamlessly transferable to coaching contexts. By examining the practical application of counseling techniques within coaching sessions, this presentation aims to bridge the conceptual and practical gaps between these two disciplines. It proposes that the integration of counseling methodologies into coaching can enhance the effectiveness of the latter, offering a multifaceted approach to personal and professional development. This exploration contributes to a growing body of literature advocating for a more integrated approach in the overlapping fields of counseling and coaching.

Cory Gerwe, Eastern Virginia Medical School, United States
LaConda Fanning, Eastern Virginia Medical School, United States
Agatha Parks-Savage, Eastern Virginia Medical School, United States
Heather Newton, Eastern Virginia Medical School, United States

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Dr Gerwe He is currently an Assistant Professor in the OBGYN program and Director of the GME Leadership, Coaching, and Wellness program at Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS).

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