Characteristics of Qualitative Research Methods in Clinical Psychology in Japan (78842)

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In the field of clinical psychology in Japan, a large number of qualitative research articles conducted GTA or M-GTA analysis using semi-structured interviews (Iida et al., 2022). However, prior research is not limited to subjects in need of support, which is a characteristic of clinical psychology. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to clarify the characteristics of qualitative research methods in the field of clinical psychology in Japan. We identified 152 articles on qualitative research from clinical psychology-related journals and selected 81 articles on subjects in need of support and their related persons. Based on these articles, we created three categories: characteristics of the subjects, data collection methods, and analysis methods, and created a control table to examine the characteristics of the subjects and data. The results showed that semi-structured interview was the method in the top 10% or more in the cross table of subjects and data collection methods in medical care and social issues. In addition, GTA and M-GTA were common in medical care and social issues, and only TEM was found in medical care in the cross table of subjects and analysis methods. In the cross table of data collection and analysis methods, semi-structured interview/GTA, semi-structured interview/M-GTA, and clinical practice records/other qualitative data analysis were in the top 10% or higher. The above results revealed that semi-structured interviews and GTA were the main methods used, while clinical practice records were studied using a variety of analytical methods.

Yutaro Hirata, Kagoshima University, Japan
Masako Iida, Kagoshima University, Japan
Kayo Kamimura, Kagoshima University, Japan

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Dr Yutaro HIRATA is a University Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer at Kagoshima University in Japan

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